Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a while, but still...

ok, not much as really happened on my part with the guitar until about now. I got it back from my Grandpa today, and it turned out really great so far. Now I just have to finish it without messing it up.
First thing I did when it was opened today was check out the details, and noticed what a great job my Grandpa had done so far. Everything was cut out perfectly, the neck fits snugly and there weren't any rough spots.
Afterwards, I went and measured off the locations for my fret markers (or inlay) and we (my dad and I) took the drill bit to the fingerboard, then glued them in. I also filled in some of the grain on the body (Mahogany is very spongy) and installed the truss rod. The neck only needs tuner 
holes drilled, frets and to be shaped now, and then it is done. The body needs some routing done(neck pickup and control cavity) and to be painted. 
I was originally going to paint it glow in the dark, because I thought that it would look cool. But then I realized just how good looking this piece of wood was, and decided that it will be stained deep blue. After that, all it will need is some drilling (to fit the bridge, neck and strap buttons) and some fine tuning and it will be done.