Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Start

Ok, I got the last of the parts I need to build the guitar in today. Those parts were the body and neck pieces of wood. I'm going to send up the body with a template for my Grandpa to cut out for me (he has a bandsaw) and the neck with the width, depth, and headstock drawn on it for him to cut out.
He's an architect, so he designs buildings (sports stadiums to be exact) and whenever there's something he needs, he designs it how he wants it and he builds it. He has all of the tools to cut out the wood, and he also has the skill to not mess it up.
From the pictures, starting at the far left is fretwire, maple neck blank with earanda 1-5/8" nut, truss rod, and 25-1/2" scale maple neck with Planet Wave locking tuners above them. The picture below it, everything is on the 1-3/4" thick mahogany body blank, top left is the neck ferrules, string ferrules, telecaster humbucker bridge, and a body template made from 1/8" eucaboard cut out on a scroll saw (hand drawn based on a smaller drawing).
Before I ship up the wood to be cut, I will cut out the truss rod cavity in the neck blank, install the truss rod, and glue on the fingerboard. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Start Off

Right now in my life, I'm kinda in a slow spot, but in the next year, I know that a lot will come up that I'll want to share, and starting this now, I'll be able to. Last year sometime, I decided that I wanted to make a guitar, well I finally found the time to do so and that will be my first adventure for my blog. As each step goes I'll try to post pictures and maybe explain some stuff that might be confusing to y'all out there. Oh yeah, before I forget. . .GO GATORS!!!